Mercury in the Sunset

Mercury is beginning an evening apparition this week. Look directly above the sunset for a starlike object shining at -1.2 magnitude. The planet will be over 10° from the Sun today, rising a little further each day until maximum elongation on March 5th.

Mercury Events for 2012

  Date UT Date HST Separation
Superior Conjunction Feb 7 08:54UT Feb 6 22:54HST  
Maximum Elongation Mar 5 08:59UT Mar 4 22:59HST 18.2°E
Inferior Conjunction Mar 21 19:19UT Mar 21 09:19HST  
Maximum Elongation Apr 18 16:59UT Apr 18 06:59HST 27.5°W
Superior Conjunction May 27 11:14UT May 27 01:14HST  
Maximum Elongation July 1 01:59UT Jun 30 15:59HST 25.7°E
Inferior Conjunction Jul 28 19:54UT Jul 28 09:54HST  
Maximum Elongation Aug 16 11:59UT Aug 16 01:59HST 18.7°W
Superior Conjunction Sep 10 12:37UT Sep 10 02:37HST  
Maximum Elongation Oct 26 21:59UT Oct 26 11:59HST 24.1°E
Inferior Conjunction Nov 17 15:42UT Nov 17 05:42HST  
Maximum Elongation Dec 4 22:59UT Dec 4 12:59HST 20.6°W
Source: NASA Sky Calendar and the Mercury Chaser’s Calculator


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