Living with Cats

Feline Inspection
“I see your problem right here…” Rasalhague inspecting my work while I installed a new ceiling fan in our bedroom.
A house is empty without some sort of furry residents. Living without cats for much of last year just seemed wrong to me. The house to quiet, without the life that makes it a home.

Our previous cats had moved from the mainland with us. A year ago we lost both in a short span of time. It was not really a surprise, both were older cats and had been with us for many years. But still, loosing such longtime companions was hard. It was a while before we brought new cats into the house, over three months. But eventually a pair of pound kittens from the local humane society were bouncing around our home.

Two active kittens, now young cats are quite the change from two sedentary, elderly cats. Life is quite a bit livelier around the house. We have had to kitty-proof many things that were in no danger before. Anything with a cord has to be put away, certainly not left dangling over the edge of a table or desk. So far I have had to replace two headphone cables and one Apple charging cord. At least I can easily solder a new cord into something.

Any small creature that ventures into the house is in mortal danger. Cockroaches? Large ants? Played with until dead and then eaten. Geckos foolish enough to use the floor? Now tailless. We have not yet encountered a centipede, something I worry about a bit. The monsters we have around here can be six inches long and pack a serious sting.

Having my feet attacked under the bed covers, a streak of grey fur wizzing past as I sit at the kitchen table, being greeted at the door when returning from work, a cat curled up beside me, purring as I read the daily news… These are the things I enjoy, and really do not want to be without.