Unintended Photos 3

I do not do experimental photography… Usually.

I have an uncle that does. He slides the saturation to eleven and publishes the results on his Facebook account. The results are… Interesting? But then it was this same uncle who is at least partly responsible for my getting started in photography when I was a teenager.

Occasionally I come up with the odd bit of happenstance. I was testing some photo processing Python code, a script intended to allow HDR processing of digitized slides. I needed a bunch of test frames so I just shot a bunch of bracketed sets at my desk and on the lanai a few feet away to create a whole directory of test material.

I did not intend any of these frames to be kept. HDR sets taken with a handheld camera? Nothing would align correctly!

A couple of them were… Interesting?

A test exposure that was interesting enough not to simply delete.