Postcard from the Reef – Pustulose Nudibranch

The most common nudibranch I find on Kohala reefs. These fellows are active in the daytime and often found in the open. They are generally found on walls, or in the many small caves that penetrate local reefs.

Pustulose Nudibranch
Pustulose Nudibranch (Phyllidiella pustulosa) on a wall at 25′ depth, Puako

Postcard from the Reef – Rosy Phyllidia

A nice day for a dive, and a new species of nudibrach for me. At first I thought it might simply be a juvenile P. varicosa, but there were no yellow pertuberances. Getting back I hit the books, no doubt, P. rosans. New species! This fellow was in a cave at Puako I have entered a dozen times. Even in a place I have often explored I can find something new…

Rosy Phyllidia
A Rosy Phyllidia (Phyllidiella rosans) in a cave at 25′ depth, Puako