Audine CCD Camera
Large nebula NGC7000 in Cygnus

There are several do it yourself CCD camera designs suitable for astronomy applications available to the technically adept amateur astrophotographer. Besides the well known Cookbook camera there is the Audine camera designed by a group of amateurs in France. This design has a number of advantages; it supports the excellent KAF0400 and 1600 series CCD's, all of the driver software is already completed and available (a major obstacle to a do-it-yourself design), it is supported by the popular MaxIm imaging software, and several interface options are available including parallel, USB and ethernet. For more information on the Audine design you can go to...

I must express my heartfelt thanks to the group who created this design. In the true spirit of the amateur astronomy community they have shared their design with all of us so that we may benefit from their hard work.

The goal is to complete three cameras for our group. WIth a mix of KAF0402ME and KAF1603ME chips. Initial testing is to be performed with an older KAF0400 CCD.

An operational Audine camera mounted to Violet Haze