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  1. Just wanted to say a big Thank You! for your Venus Transit coverage. Yes, it indeed was better than the NASA coverage IMHO… NASA kept dropping out anyway.

    It is so very important to involve the public in these events. Science, filtered through the news media, today becomes muddled, politically biased and even relegated to the realm of the so-called “intellectual elite”. You, the people working on the great telescopes and instruments of science must know that there is a need for contact with the general public, imparting your knowledge, frontline observation and commentary on the events of the day.

    Larry, Andrew and Mark, ALL, your coverage of this significant event is nothing short of fantastic, and very much appreciated!

    Thank you!

    David Meyers

    Phoenix, AZ

  2. thank you so much for your webcast!

    i will definitely tune in for any other webcasts you have in the future!

    i donated so that future webcasts will happen!

    your team was so entertaining,

    go science!

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