The Moon, Mars, Saturn and Spica

A nice conjunction of a crescent Moon, Mars, Saturn and the bright star Spica will grace the evening sky tonight. The quartet will be arranged in a rough square about 4° on side. The two planets and the star will all be about 1st magnitude, with the Moon showing about 25% illuminated.

A Very Thin Moon and Mercury

This one will be a challenge. This evening a very thin Moon may be visible just below Mercury as the Sun sets. The Moon will be a mere 1.3% illuminated and only 7° above the horizon at sunset. Mercury may provide a bit of a signpost that can be used to find the Moon. It will be located 2.5° directly above the Moon, shining at 2.8 magnitude. As Mercury is heading for inferior conjunction, it too is a thin crescent. The pair will be 10° south from the point at which the Sun slips below the horizon.

The Moon and Mercury

A very thin Moon will rendezvous with Mercury this evening. The pair will separated by about 8° and at the same elevation, over 20° at sunset. The Moon will be a very thin crescent, only 7% illuminated. A little over 5° north of Mercury will be Pollux, with Castor a bit further north, both stars about a magnitude dimmer than the planet which is currently about zero magnitude.