A Line of Planets in the Dawn

A line of bright planets will grace the dawn sky over the coming week. While Mercury has passed maximum elongation and is now headed back into the Sun’s glare, it is still 16° above the horizon at sunrise. Well above Mercury the brilliant Venus is hard to miss, 44° above the horizon at sunrise. Even higher in the sky is Jupiter, at about 67° elevation at sunrise.

Tomorrow morning will see a crescent Moon in the lineup, about 40% illuminated and above Jupiter. Over the next 7 days the Moon will work its way along the line, waning ever thinner as it goes. On the 11th the Moon will be under 2° above Jupiter, On the morning of the 13th the Moon will be very close to Venus, just over 1&deg away.

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter

The three brightest natural objects of our sky, after the Sun, will join to form a nice group tomorrow morning. The dawn of 14 July will see a thin crescent Moon and Venus only 11° apart. The bright Jupiter will be in between, only 6° from Venus. Jupiter will be shining brightly at better that -2 magnitude, Venus will be even brighter at over -4 magnitude. The pair will be a nice match for an 18% illuminated Moon.

The next morning, July 15th, will still see the trio quite close. The Moon will have moved east to a position just 4° north of Venus.

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter

A nice trio will grace the dawn tomorrow, the morning of June 17th. Three bright objects will be visible just before sunrise. A brilliant Venus will be 14° above the horizon at sunrise. Above Venus will be a very thin crescent Moon, only 4% illuminated, will be 4° above Venus. About 8° above Venus will be Jupiter, shining brightly at -2.0 magnitude. Thus Jupiter will be the first to rise, at 04:02HST. Sunrise will occur about 05:43, leaving plenty of time to enjoy this bright conjunction.

Jupiter at Superior Conjunction

Today, Jupiter will pass through superior conjunction at 02:46HST. The planet will remain lost in the Sun’s glare for the remainder of the month, appearing in the dawn during the first days of June. The planet will arrive at opposition on December 2nd.

Throughout June, Jupiter will climb higher in the dawn. Towards the end of June the planet Venus will emerge from the Sun’s glare to race after Jupiter. The two will meetup for a brilliant morning conjunction during the first week of July.

The Moon and Jupiter

This evening will see a razor thin Moon just above the planet Jupiter, low in the sunset. The planet will be about 5° below a 3% illuminated Moon. The Moon itself will be only 19° from the Sun at sunset, about 18:42HST. It should be a dramatic scene with the pair immersed in the colors of sunset.

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter

While Jupiter and Venus are now drawing apart after their rendezvous a few days ago one more pretty dance will liven the evening sky. With the two only 10° apart a crescent Moon will slide between them. The 11% illuminated Moon will make a nice match for the two brilliant planets, creating a lovely trio in the evening sky.

Tomorrow night the Moon will have moved to the other side of Venus, still quite close at about 4° separation, creating another pretty view.

Venus and Jupiter

A reminder that tonight will see the two brightest planets in our sky just 3° apart. The two have been close for several days now, the closest approach will be this evening. The bright pairing will be visible as soon as the sky begins to darken, setting around 21:46HST. Venus will be the brighter of the pair at -4.3 magnitude, compared to Jupiter at -2.1 magnitude.