LED versus Low Pressure Sodium

LED versus Low Pressure Sodium

Downtown Waimea with new LED streetlights and old LPS

Downtown Waimea with new streetlights, the older low pressure sodium streetlights on the left side of the street, the new LED lights down the right side

3 thoughts on “LED versus Low Pressure Sodium”

  1. It appears that Tucson is undergoing a systematic upgrade to LED also. While I have no problems with the light color, it seems to me that they need a little more shielding. Used to the existing sodium lights (a mix of HPS and LPS) while likely officially “full cutoff”, there is a lot of glare visible driving down the street, and the source is so much more brilliant than the sodium versions… An added, say 3″ shield, would help the situation tremendously without restricting light to the ground…

    1. The lights here are pretty well cutoff, not much glare. The blue cutoff filters seem to work pretty well too, so much less scatter overhead. Still too many lights in our neighborhood.

  2. My company manufactures the FLED LEDs on the right. I think all of the lights are now switched over and the County is saving about $1,000,000 per year on energy. The FLED technology suppresses the blue spectrum for the autonomy community on the Island. We have also found that this technology can be beneficial to endangered species but the other Islands are still switching to 4000K white LEDs.

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