Shark Abuse

A truly disturbing video emerged this week. A couple guys hook and attempt to land a tiger shark. While the title claims it is a fourteen foot shark, it actually appears to be about six or eight feet long. The YouTube posting does not say, the location is Honokohau, where a number of tiger sharks are known to frequently enter the harbor. The poster and the person shown holding the line is a local named Mikey McCrum.

Judging by the YouTube comments most people are outraged at the behavior exhibited in the video. I will not even copy many of the comments here, they are simply too profane as people express their contempt. Hopefully those involved actually reads the comments and think a little, what they did is simply not acceptable.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

2 thoughts on “Shark Abuse”

  1. Mikey McCrum also appears to enjoy harassing new born Monk Seals, a violation of Federal law:*9NwHXz/waimanu2028.JPG?width=737&height=552

    Additionally he appears to be attempting to both buy and sell firearms outside of a FFL, a felony in the State of Hawaii.

    Facebook page indicates abuse of controlled substances is a major pastime:

    Assuming he registered the 30-30 which he is attempting to sell, this would mean he lied on the questionnaire regarding use of illegal drugs, also a Felony. Unregistered firearms would also be a Felony.

    Recently held in contempt of court :

    Wonder what the original charges were as most serious crimes result in being classified as a Prohibited Possessor, touch a firearm and there are mandatory prison terms as per federal law.


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