Alaska 2009 – The Video

Three weeks of photographic effort, literally thousands of photographs to select from. It is difficult to put the experience into words, hopefully around one hundred of the best photos and a few minutes of video set to music will convey the trip better than pages of text can manage.

About two thirds of the photographs are mine, the others from one of the seven other cameras that were present on the trip in the hands of other family members and friends. Editing the video was not a short or easy process, but the result is fairly good. Hit the full screen icon to see it in full resolution, this is the first properly HD video I have put together. The Vimeo version does exhibit some encoding artifacts, the original 720p HD versions are simply beautiful.

Three weeks of traveling some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet is something best experienced by being there. Short of that, this is the best I can manage…

A Touch of the Wild – Alaska 2009 from Andrew Cooper on Vimeo.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

2 thoughts on “Alaska 2009 – The Video”

  1. Thanks for the mental trip to Alaska, Andrew. 20 past posts? Almost… it was my visit! I am guessing that these may be filed away to make room for this year’s sojourn….

    Bears I am fearful of. Too many stories of mauled hunters and hikers. I used to do a lot of fishing here during the last 20 years, and could only envy the tales told to me of the salmon, halibut and bursting crab pots…..dense, clear glacial ice in my cup, I imagine it somehow melting slower than the variety that comes out of the dispenser of the refrigerator freezer…

    1. I am moving old posts over from the old blogging software to the newer WordPress based site, a lot of old posts. I am surprised you noticed.

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