Dark Secrets

Over the past months I have made a habit of reading opposition websites. Primarily in an effort to understand the cultural objections to astronomy on Mauna Kea. I have actually learned quite a bit, filling in my knowledge of Hawaiian culture and history. But I do learn other things, apparently this controversy has a very dark and secret element.

First Target of the Night
The Keck 2 laser acquires the first target of the night with the glow of sunset behind
There are local opponents who have a legitimate stake in this controversy. We have also seen other causes that have latched on this debate, often as a tool to forwarding their own agenda. Then there are people completely divorced from reality that seem to think that there is something more to the controversy on the mountain…

… was again soundly defeated atop the tallest mountain in the Pacific by native Hawaiians who understand that telescopes & astronomy have virtually nothing to do with the secret government’s attempt to take over the mountain. The secret government wants to use it for scalar military transmitters & to incorporate it into the Army’s Pohakuloa military base, scheduled eventually to become the largest military base in the Pacific. – Facebook posting by Krishna Davinci, chairman of the Bohemian Grove at Illuminati Network

Ummmm… OK.

Aside from some contradictory grammar, it seems that Mr Krishna has taken every conspiracy theory out there and combined them into a wild stew. This is actually quite common, once a person accepts one conspiracy theory, even wilder theories can easily take root. Take a look at his page, there is more, no theory too far fetched… Chemtrails? Check. Planet X Nibiru? Check. President Obama sacrificing babies at satanic ceremonies? Check. The entire page is so far out there I was first convinced it was all an elaborate satire. Does the Facebook feed need a Poe’s Law disclaimer? Unfortunately, the more I read the more I despaired that someone really believes it all.

Scalar military transmitters? I am an electrical engineer and I have no idea what he is talking about. We do have lasers, and those are cool. In all my visits to the other facilities on the summit I have never seen a scalar transmitter.

I have met a few folks and read more than a few Facebook postings that make all sorts of wild accusations of military use of the summit of Mauna Kea. For most of the past decades the amount of military involvement in Mauna Kea astronomy has been pretty much zero. Since Lockheed Martin has joined the partnership running UKIRT this sort of accusation seems to have gained momentum. Never mind that their stated use of the telescope is to track orbital targets and debris. A use that makes complete sense given the capabilities of the telescope and the need for this effort.

Krishna goes on to explain further…

Furthermore, telescopes are now relatively obsolete & primitive … as are rockets. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) continues to publicly promote them to the sheeple with make-believe projects, because NASA is just a cover for the secret government’s REAL space program ~ which now has at least 10 fleets well outside our solar system using antigrav & antimatter propulsion technology ~ not to mention innumerable interplanetary bases on the moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter & Saturn … plus several more outside of our solar system. This has been ongoing for over a half century … & publicly hidden from the dumbed-down zombied-out sheeple. – Krishna Davinci

I suppose I am not qualified to cast any judgement here, about a quarter of my salary does come from NASA. On the other hand… Fleets outside our solar system? Bases on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn? Where the hell do I sign up for a transfer to that assignment? I would love to see Saturn up close! Do you suppose that base is on Hyperion? I have always loved that wild little moon.

If we really had these things the US military would celebrate them… Loudly! Why would you need to keep this all secret? Imagine the PR possibilities. With that sort of military power the need for secrecy would simply become an unnecessary annoyance. Besides, that many fleets and bases would need people to man them, you need to recruit a lot of folks. I can imagine the recruiting posters now.

If I disappear in the next few weeks just assume I got my transfer to the Hyperion moon base. In the meantime I need to head to the summit in order to continue fixing the mind control machine. It has been down for a couple weeks and you can see the trouble that has caused.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

6 thoughts on “Dark Secrets”

  1. I have been following you for a while and I really enjoy your blog. The PLC install was an interesting bit on how to integrate the old with newer gear.

    When you find out where to sign up for one of the Saturn & Jupiter moon bases let me know, I’m right behind you.


  2. I know one of the people arrested the other day, and yes . . . he’s a conspiracy believer through and through. New World Order! FEMA prisons beneath the Denver airport! And on and on.

    I too wish to be taken on an anti-gravity driven spaceship. Gravity has done a number on my abdomen, and I’d like that counteracted. Visiting other worlds is just an additional benefit.

  3. Scalar transmitters are so old-school, nobody up there has used them in years. That’s probably why you haven’t heard of them. He’d really flip his lid if he knew we were using quantum encrypted vector transmitters!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that my other half apparently memorised the last paragraph of this blog post, and he mentioned this post to me today, and he read that paragraph to me from memory. 🙂

    I can understand why, it is pure gold and also somewhat poetic. 🙂

    Still loving your blog, and your work. 😉

  5. The best howlers I’ve heard are :

    1. TMT is actually a secret operation to steal helium from Mauna Kea.

    2. Astronomy is a lucrative business which will make investors in TMT’s corporation filthy rich

    3. TMT was rendered obsolete by Keck’s interferometer (whose critical outriggers were shut down by protestors)

    4. TMT is obsolete because….Hubble, no, James Webb, no ELT…..you know my point and shoot takes pretty good photos at night…

    That said, something is clearly not right at Denver International Airport.

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