Three Facets of the Sacred

Regular readers may have noted that I have recently published three articles exploring the subject of the sacred mountain. Each article may have had a different subject, but all overlapped and intertwined. All three articles end with the same paragraph.

Ancient and Modern
A radio telescope of the Very Long Baseline Array stands in the background of an ancient ahu atop Mauna Kea
All were started at the same time, I just kept having different lines of though while exploring the subject. I could not weave the result into a single article. In the end I separated the three posts into a trilogy…

Respecting the Sacred
Conflict of the Sacred
Using the Sacred

Mauna Kea is sacred to some, who believe that this place is pivotal, the piko of creation. Others believe that the telescopes are sacred, a testament to the finest aspirations of mankind, to learn and explore, to answer the great questions. It is a mistake, made by many in this controversy, to deny either of these views.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

2 thoughts on “Three Facets of the Sacred”

  1. Fortunately sacredness diverts magnetic field lines so any smartphone can be used as a Sacredometer.

    There is an app for that!

    The trick is proper calibration. Sacredness is measured in units of “woo woo”.

    The Kaaba in Mecca is well known powerful source of woo woo. And the regular counterclockwise procession crosses field lines in a manner perfect for the calibration of your woowoo-ometer.

    The downside is if they catch you calibrating your smartphone, they’ll saw your freaking head off!

    Better to seek out a safer source of woo woo!!!

    Snake handlers while engaging in glossolalia generate a bit of woo but typically the snake squirms too much to make a good calibration source.

    The unholy can also be used as a calibration source. A gyrating Miley Cyrus or Madonna or similar skank can be used for calibration.

    Once our woo woo-ometer is calibrated we can determine whose woo is stronger. The occasional Hawaiian cultural practioner or the woo felt by Andy looking at the Milky Way.

    Problem solved!

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