Night Market

The Waikoloa Village Association has been looking for ways to arrange activities for the community lately. The Waikoloa Stables are a good facility for community events, a fair amount of parking, bathrooms, and a large lawn to accommodate a crowd.

Our star party last fall was successful enough. While the crowd for the star party was good, it was nowhere near the crowd attending the recent night markets.

Night Market
Strolling through the vendors at the Waikoloa Night Market
This last Friday was the second of the night market events, and it was simply jammed. No surprise, all of the area food vendors were there. Good food plus more than a few booths of arts, crafts, plenty to come for.

I came in for dinner on the way home from work. Deb had let me know she would be in Kona for a while and I was on my own.

Parking? A problem, the lot was full, cars parked up and down Waikoloa road attested to the crowd. The lines at the food booths were long, but worth the wait. The island does feature some pretty good mobile food vendors.

I cannot comment to much on the non-food vendors, I am just not the shopping sort. Jewelry and other crafts offer little to divert me. The food choice was bewildering, a little of everything to choose from.

The evening was simply pleasant. A brisk trade wind breeze had dispersed the vog. The temperature was perfect, a beautiful evening for an evening affair.

I suspect the success of the evening will ensure additional events. I will be looking to attend the next one as well. Evenings are perfect here in the village, taking advantage of the cool once the Sun gets low in the sky.

My dinner? That was Aunty Kanaʻi’s guava marinated grilled chicken with a classic Hawaiian plate setup, macaroni salad and rice. The portions are more than generous… Half for dinner, half for lunch the next day.

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