Earth’s apehelion will occur at 12:11HST today.

Sunrise over Georgia Strait
Sunrise over Georgia Strait

Apehelion occurs when the Earth reaches its furthest distance from the Sun for the year.

It may seem odd to some the apehelion occurs in the middle of summer. One must recall that the distance from the Sun is not the cause of our seasons, that is the effects of axial tilt.

2019 Apsides and Seasons
Event Universal TimeHawaii Standard Time
Perihelion Jan 0305:20UTJan 0219:20HST
Spring Equinox Mar 2021:58UTMar 2011:58HST
Summer SolsticeJun 2115:54UTJun 2105:54HST
Aphelion Jul 0422:11UTJul 0412:11HST
Fall Equinox Sep 2307:50UTSep 2221:50HST
Winter SolsticeDec 2204:19UTDec 2118:19HST
Data from US Naval Observatory Data Services

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