Another Undescribed Species

There are quite a few well known, but undescribed species found island reefs. I have noted a few of them previously here on DarkerView. Undescribed means simply that… The species has never been properly described in a scientific publication such that a species name is assigned. These do exist, and are more common than many … Continue reading “Another Undescribed Species”

Red Dendrodoris

It is not red. Apparent the species can range in color from a pale gold, to a dark, almost black, red. I have seen this species a couple times now. The previous specimens I had found were the characteristic red, seeing this gold nudi I thought I had found something new to me. But it … Continue reading “Red Dendrodoris”

Postcard from the Reef – Hawaiian Spiky Sea Cucumber

These sea cucumbers are well known to divers and can be found in the local guide books. There is no scientific name, the species has never been properly described. An odd state of affairs for a relatively common critter. As for the name? I could come up with a few other common names that seem … Continue reading “Postcard from the Reef – Hawaiian Spiky Sea Cucumber”

A Perfect Day for a Dive

It really was one of those perfect days to live in Hawaii. First stop on the way was to get some air. Our tanks were empty, something we needed to change. This was accomplished at The Scuba Shack, a great dive shop just below Costco on the Kaloko business park. It is a funky place, … Continue reading “A Perfect Day for a Dive”