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Yes, I meant to do that… Not.

Sometimes you download the SD card and find photos you had no idea you took, an accidental actuation of the shutter. Most of the time they totally worthless, a photo of blurred gravel, or a hand across the lens. But on occasion they are a bit more interesting, properly exposed and in focus…


An accidental photo of my gauges early in the dive with plenty of air remaining.

Blue Dragon

A blue dragon nudibranch (Pteraeolidia ianthina) on a boulder, 30′ depth, at The Hive

Hawaiʻi is not known for the soft corals that make other tropical reef so spectacular. The soft corals here are more understated. There are some, the cup corals and the endemic octocorals are fairly common if one is observant…

Blue Octocoral

A patch of blue octocoral (Sarcothelia edmondsoni) on a boulder at The Hive

Racoon Butterflyfish

A racoon butterflyfish (Chaetodon lunula) in a small cave at Golden Arches

Scarface Blenny

A scarface blenny (Cirripectes vanderbilti) at 30′ depth in a cave

Devil Scorpionfish

A devil scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis diabolus) at The Hive

Spotted Boxfish

Spotted boxfish (Ostracion meleagris)in a cave at The Hive

Flamebacked Coral Shrimp

Flamebacked Coral Shrimp (Stenopus pyrsonotus) under a boulder at ʻAuʻau Crater

Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby

Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby (Cathigastor jactator) in a cave at 25ft on the Puako reef

Red Reef Lobster

A red reef lobster (Enoplometopus occidentalis) in a cave at The Hive