A Darker View

Tag "reef"
Red Swimming Crab

Red swimming crab (Gonioinfradens paucidentata) in a reef ledge at Pentagon


A miniature garden of hydroids hang from a cave roof

Bluestripe Squirrelfish

Bluestripe squirrelfish (Sargocentron tiere) in a small cave at Pentagon

Dwarf Moray

A dwarf moray (Gymnothorax melatremus) in the cave wall at The Hive at 30′ depth

Gold Lace Nudibranch

A gold lace nudibranch (Halgerda terramtuentis) in the cave at Pentagon

Banded Moray

A banded moray (Echidna polyzona) in the coral at 30′ depth, Pentagon

Sphinx Nudibranch

A sphinx nudibranch (Phyllidiopsis sphingis) in a cave along the Puako wall

Long-Handed Spiny Lobster

Long-handed spiny lobster (Justitia longimana) in a wall at 100′


Trumpetfish (Aulostomus chinensis) hanging vertically along the Puako wall

Juvenile Agile Chromis

Juvenile agile chromis (Chromis agilis) at 35′ depth, Hoover’s Tower