Sunspots – Take 2

Another process run on the sunspot image I posted earlier, a stack of 800 out of 1200 frames, with notably better detail. The large complex is AR1967 just rotating into view. This spot has already spawned an M-class flare and more is likely. Forecasters have given the chances of more M-class flares at 60% with the chance of an X-class flare at 10%.

Sol 30Jan2014
The Sun on 30Jan2014 with the large sunspot complex AR1967.


Some unaided eye sunspots visible today and for the next few days. The huge group, AR1967 is probably another visitation of AR1944, which spawned a few large solar flares during the first week of January.

I took a few quick images using the AT6RC and a Canon 60D. A quick process is shown below, give me a bit I should be able to produce a better image.

Sun 30Jan2014
The Sun on 30Jan2014 including the large sunspot group AR1967