Editing Video

It always amazes me how much time it takes to edit video.  Hours of fiddling little details, tweaking, or ripping it out when you decide you got it all wrong.

Editing drone video in Premiere Elements 2018
Editing drone video in Premiere Elements 2018

I am editing drone video, material from mornings and evenings flying in the saddle region of Mauna Kea.  I did do a quick video from my first footage in the area, but that was really a learning experience, just seeing what worked and what did not.

This time I am striving for a polished product, not a quick experimental video.  That means taking care in selecting each clip, and blending it in properly to the soundtrack and surrounding clips.  I am also applying more post processing effects; panning, rolls, and color corrections.

Music is always an issue, the soundtrack makes everything work.  In this case I already had a piece of music in mind, a track by a local artist who has graciously given permission to use his artwork.

In the process of editing I end up watching the video hundreds of times, often in little pieces.  If I find myself enjoying the product, it might, just might be worth the effort. So far.. So good.