New Moon

Young Moon
A very young moon over Waikoloa, this is only 26 hours after new, visible to the unaided eye as a sliver in the fading glow of sunset
New Moon will occur today at 11:57HST.

A partial solar eclipse will sweep across western North America today, from Alaska to Mexico. For those in the best possible place the Moon will cover about 80% of the Sun. The eclipse will be visible for some distance out into the Pacific, but will not be visible in Hawai’i.

New Moons for 2014
January Jan 1 11:14UT Jan 1 01:14HST
January Jan 30 21:38UT Jan 30 11:38HST
Feb/Mar Mar 1 08:00UT Feb 28 22:00HST
March Mar 30 18:45UT Mar 30 08:45HST
April Apr 29 06:14UT Apr 28 20:14HST
May May 28 18:40UT May 28 08:40HST
June Jun 27 08:08UT Jun 26 22:08HST
July Jul 26 22:42UT Jul 26 12:42HST
August Aug 25 14:13UT Aug 25 04:13HST
September Sep 24 06:14UT Sep 23 20:14HST
October Oct 23 21:57UT Oct 23 11:57HST
November Nov 22 12:32UT Nov 22 02:32HST
December Dec 22 01:36UT Dec 21 15:36HST

Source: NASA Sky Calendar


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