Full Moon

Full Moon
Full Moon taken 27Aug2007, 90mm f/12 APO and Canon 20Da
Full Moon will occur today at 02:01HST.

This full moon will feature a penumbral lunar eclipse visible across the Pacific region. It will be well placed for observers in the Hawaiian Islands where the entire eclipse from beginning to end will be visible. Do not expect much, penumbral lunar eclipses involve only a slight dimming of the Moon, it is unlikely to be noticeable without instrumentation.

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New Moon

Young Moon
A very young moon over Waikoloa, this is only 26 hours after new, visible to the unaided eye as a sliver in the fading glow of sunset
New Moon will occur today at 15:45HST.

This new moon will feature a total solar eclipse that sweeps from Indonesia across the central Pacific. It will be visible as a deep 50% plus eclipse in Hawaii.

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