Full Moon

Full Moon
Full Moon taken 27Aug2007, 90mm f/12 APO and Canon 20Da
Full Moon will occur today at 09:05HST.

This full moon will feature a penumbral lunar eclipse visible across part of Australia, Central Asia, and eastern Europe. No part of this eclipse will be visible from the Hawaiian Islands. No worries here, we are not missing much, this penumbral eclipse involves only a modest dimming of the Moon.

Full Moons for 2016

January Jan 24 01:46UT Jan 23 15:46HST
February Feb 22 18:20UT Feb 22 08:20HST
March* Mar 23 12:01UT Mar 23 02:01HST
April Apr 22 05:24UT Apr 21 19:24HST
May May 21 21:15UT May 21 11:15HST
June Jun 20 11:02UT Jun 20 01:02HST
July Jul 19 22:57UT Jul 19 12:57HST
August Aug 18 09:27UT Aug 17 23:27HST
September* Sep 16 19:05UT Sep 16 09:05HST
October Oct 16 04:23UT Oct 15 18:23HST
November Nov 14 13:52UT Nov 14 03:52HST
December Dec 14 00:05UT Dec 13 14:05HST

*Lunar Eclipse

Source: NASA Sky Calendar


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