New Moon

Young Moon
A very young moon over Waikoloa

New Moon will occur today at 19:13HST.

An annular solar eclipse will sweep across the Indian Ocean, Southern India, and Indonesia during this new Moon.

This coming weekend, Dec 29th, offers an excellent dark night for observing. Get out to enjoy some holiday stars!

New Moons for 2019
 Universal TimeHawaii Standard Time
January* Jan 5 01:28UTJan 5 15:28HST
February Feb 4 21:04UTFeb 4 11:04HST
March Mar 6 16:04UTMar 6 16:04HST
April Apr 5 08:50UTApr 4 22:50HST
May May 4 22:45UTMay 4 12:45HST
June Jun 3 10:02UTJun 3 00:02HST
July* Jul 2 19:16UTJul 2 09:16HST
August Aug 1 03:12UTJul 3117:12HST
August Aug 3010:37UTAug 3000:37HST
September Sep 2818:26UTSep 2808:26HST
October Oct 2803:38UTOct 2717:38HST
November Nov 2615:06UTNov 2605:06HST
December* Dec 2605:13UTDec 2519:13HST
*Solar Eclipse
Source: NASA Sky Calendar

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