Jan 20th Total Lunar Eclipse

The next full Moon on January 20th, will feature a sunset total lunar eclipse visible across the islands. The eclipsed Moon will rise just as the Sun sets on the opposite horizon.

Total Lunar Eclipse Aug 28,2007
Total lunar eclipse August 28, 2007

The eclipse will be just underway as the Moon rises on the island of Hawaii, with the Moon rising at almost exactly 18:00HST and the total phase of the eclipse starting 41 minutes later. Maximum will occur at 19:12HST with the Moon 14° above the horizon.

January 20, 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse
Event ContactUT HST
Penumbral BeginsP1 02:36:2816:36:28
Partial Begins U1 03:33:5517:33:55
Total Begins U2 04:41:1818:41:18
Greatest EclipseMax05:12:1819:12:18
Total Ends U3 05:43:1819:43:18
Partial Ends U4 06:50:4220:50:42
Penumbral Ends P4 07:48:0521:48:05
Data from Fred Espenak’s eclipse website

Many references state that the eclipse will occur on January 21st, and it will, in time zones further east than us here in Hawaii. We are ten hours behind UT, thus it will be the evening of the 20th when the eclipse occurs in the islands.

An easy to view evening eclipse, no reason not to get out and view this one, no need for an alarm clock!

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