Full Moon

Full Moon
Full Moon taken 27Aug2007

Full Moon will occur today at 18:33HST.

This evening look for the Moon rising in the east just as the Sun sets in the west. Across the Big Island this can often lead to moonbows as the low elevation moonlight interacts with fog and clouds.

Full Moons for 2019
 Universal TimeHawaii Standard Time
January* Jan 2105:16UTJan 2019:16HST
February Feb 1915:53UTFeb 1905:53HST
March Mar 2101:43UTMar 2015:43HST
April Apr 1911:12UTApr 1901:12HST
May May 1821:11UTMay 1811:11HST
June Jun 1708:31UTJun 1622:31HST
July* Jul 1621:38UTJul 1611:38HST
August Aug 1512:29UTAug 1502:29HST
September Sep 1404:33UTSep 1318:33HST
October Oct 1321:08UTOct 1311:08HST
November Nov 1213:34UTNov 1203:34HST
December Dec 1205:12UTDec 1119:12HST
*Lunar Eclipse
Source: NASA Sky Calendar

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