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  1. Big Howdy to the Staff:
    Most impressed at your post of the servo amp. could we adapt to power PMDC servos on our mills & lathes? our Monarch VMC-75 has burned out GE-550 amps. not much good ever. we were thinking of adapting a Gettys N-150 (3pP Full Wave) or N-350 servo amps (3P, 1/2 wave) they are still out there & are plenty beefy.
    Constructing your amp however would be a neat tech project for our DAV’s. esp as they would be adapting your amps to a 3 or 4 axis mill . what a neat example of bld & installing a relatively complex device to the same machinery they are learning on!
    Our group, veteransinitiat8ives.org is a 501,C-19 non-profit whose mission is to teach the elements of mfg tech so our Patriots may obtain career employment in the mfg sector . some of them are sans essential body parts, which we do not recobinize as any disability what-so-ever; JarHeads ain’t much good at pity-parties.
    We eagerly await your kind response.
    May God protect our valiant warriors,
    don anders
    sean o’casey
    seamus o’flaherety


    To Wit:
    ‘The price of liberty is eternal vigilance’
    Patrick Henry, circa 1789

    1. You probably want to stay away from the old Inland Motor gear. It is good gear, has served us well for decades, but has become difficult to obtain, thus the whole reason I needed to redesign this board to keep ours going.

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