Vehicle Maintenance

Given the rather high cost of auto service in the islands I tend to do the basic and easy stuff myself. Oil changes, brake pads, even the occasional wheel bearing.

The vehicle up on axle stands while replacing the sway bar links
The vehicle up on axle stands while replacing the sway bar links

When I did that bearing I noted the brakes were just fine and the new brake pads ordered at the same time had remained sitting on the shelf.

There the pads have sat for over two years. So a week ago I inspect the brakes again and find out the brakes are fine.

The sway bar links?

Not so much.

Two of my sway bar links had failed, the rubber pad at the end missing and the link loose. The other two are in poor shape but still there.

The links do not look too hard to replace, quite easy actually. Yet another YouTube video confirms this… Easy to do, no special tools, just a few metric sockets and a torque wrench. I have everything I need on-hand except the parts.

New sway bar links in the vehicle
New sway bar links in the vehicle, properly installed… I think

Next surprise? Sway bar links are cheap, about $12-15 each for the good ones. They will be here before next weekend without paying for premium shipping.

And it is as easy as the video makes it look. Actually easier… In one video the mechanic has to struggle to get the old link out. He pounds away with a hammer and punch to remove a rusted link from the sleeve, then uses a pair of really big vice-grip pliers to get it the last bit.

I take the top nut off and it falls on the ground… That was easy.

One hour for the first one while figuring out what I was doing. A half hour for each of the remaining three. One of the remaining ones did take a few blows with a hammer and punch to get free.

Done. Now on to that sticky EGR valve. The new valve was in the box with the sway bar links and is awaiting install.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

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