Full Moon

Full Moon
Full Moon taken 27Aug2007, 90mm f/12 APO and Canon 20Da
Full Moon will occur today at 01:11HST.

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from the west coast of North America to the east coast of Asia. At maximum about a third of the moon will have entered the Earth’s umbra, the inner shadow. Viewers in Hawai’i will be able to observe the entire event.

Full Moons for 2012
January Jan 9 07:30UT Jan 8 21:30HST
February Feb 7 21:54UT Feb 7 11:54HST
March Mar 8 09:39UT Mar 7 23:39HST
April Apr 6 19:19UT Apr 6 09:19HST
May May 6 03:35UT May 5 17:35HST
June Jun 4 11:11UT Jun 4 01:11HST
July Jul 3 18:52UT Jul 3 08:52HST
August Aug 2 03:27UT Aug 1 17:27HST
  Aug 31 13:58UT Aug 31 03:58HST
September Sep 30 03:19UT Sep 29 17:19HST
October Oct 29 19:50UT Oct 29 09:50HST
November Nov 28 14:46UT Nov 28 04:46HST
December Dec 28 10:21UT Dec 28 00:21HST

Source: NASA Sky Calendar


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