This was no run down operation, hanging on to faded glory. The rides and buildings were all in good repair, all of the bulbs lit, with fresh paint and empty trash bins. Even on a weekday night there were lines at many rides, screams and cheers echoing through the night air.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk
The roller coaster and rides along the boardwalk at Santa Cruz

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

One thought on “Carnival”

  1. First i thought why is Andrew in the water? Then thouoght “pier.”
    I rode this little roller coaster as a kid several times, with my cousin Kay, when her family lived in Ventura. Then the occasional day trip from the East Bay and always rode. Then the kid went to college there and I rode it some more. To this day, I will rie it twice in a row if given the chance.

    (Kay was not a fan and hid down low in the car the whole time, I’m told. That would make me pretty queasy!)

    To me the ultra gravity upside down and inside out monsters are really not as fun. They are a thrill, but Santa Cruz is genuine fun. The tension builds as it climbs up to the top and falls over the peak. You can hear and feel the climb and know what is coming…coming…coming…AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIWHOOOOOP. Its all momentum for the rest of the ride.

    Thanks for brining back the fond memory.

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