New Moon

Young Moon
A very young moon over Waikoloa, this is only 26 hours after new, visible to the unaided eye as a sliver in the fading glow of sunset
New Moon will occur today at 01:36HST.

New Moons for 2013
January Jan 11 19:44UT Jan 11 09:44HST
February Feb 10 07:20UT Feb 9 21:20HST
March Mar 11 19:51UT Mar 11 09:51HST
April Apr 10 09:35UT Apr 9 23:35HST
May May 10 00:29UT May 9 14:29HST
June Jun 8 15:56UT Jun 8 05:56HST
July Jul 8 07:14UT Jul 7 21:14HST
August Aug 6 21:51UT Aug 6 11:51HST
September Sep 5 11:36UT Sep 5 01:36HST
October Oct 5 00:35UT Oct 4 14:35HST
November Nov 3 12:50UT Nov 3 02:50HST
December Dec 3 00:22UT Dec 2 14:22HST

Source: NASA Sky Calendar


Author: Andrew

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