New Moon

Young Moon
A very young moon over Waikoloa, this is only 26 hours after new, visible to the unaided eye as a sliver in the fading glow of sunset
New Moon will occur today at 02:50HST.

A rare hybrid solar eclipse will occur across the North Pacific and Central Africa. A hybrid eclipse is one that is both annular and total, changing from one to the other as the shadow sweeps across the Earth.

New Moons for 2013
January Jan 11 19:44UT Jan 11 09:44HST
February Feb 10 07:20UT Feb 9 21:20HST
March Mar 11 19:51UT Mar 11 09:51HST
April Apr 10 09:35UT Apr 9 23:35HST
May May 10 00:29UT May 9 14:29HST
June Jun 8 15:56UT Jun 8 05:56HST
July Jul 8 07:14UT Jul 7 21:14HST
August Aug 6 21:51UT Aug 6 11:51HST
September Sep 5 11:36UT Sep 5 01:36HST
October Oct 5 00:35UT Oct 4 14:35HST
November Nov 3 12:50UT Nov 3 02:50HST
December Dec 3 00:22UT Dec 2 14:22HST

Source: NASA Sky Calendar


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