Laundry and Cat

Basic household tasks require some re-engineering when performed in the presence of a feline. Making the bed, vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, all tasks must take into account the needs of the cat. This includes doing laundry. While the task seems straightforward, it is usually more complicated than a simple evaluation would suggest. For example, with a feline present the actual procedure for changing loads in the clothes dryer runs something like this…

Ras in the Dryer
Rasalhague inspecting the laundry
  1. Check that load is dry
  2. Remove cat from dryer
  3. Remove dry laundry from dryer
  4. Remove cat from dryer
  5. Load wet laundry into the dryer
  6. Remove cat from dryer
  7. Clean lint filter
  8. Remove cat from dryer
  9. Visually insure cat is not in dryer
  10. Close and start clothes dryer
  11. Where is the other cat?

I sometimes chose to skip step #4.

In the photo you might note the large bell on Ras’ collar, this has repeatedly been a useful item, saving both us and Ras from much trouble. It has also taken a couple experiments to locate a suitably Ras resistant bell that he is unable to quickly destroy.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

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