Juvenile Bigeye Emporer

Sometimes you see a fish that is not familiar, asking yourself “What is that?” After so many dives I probably have seen one before, but have not paid any attention to that particular fish in the swirl of color and fish on the reef.

Then comes the challenge of identifying the photo. A first run through the book provided no answers. A second run, checking any families with similar body plans… Nothing. Great, it is probably juvenile that looks nothing like the adult… The adult photo is in the book. More browsing, this time on the Stender’s website. The website often has multiple photos of the same species, including the color variations that come with differing sex and age.

Yup, a juvenile bigeye emperor, it looks absolutely nothing like the adult

Juvenile Bigeye Emperor
A juvenile bigeye emperor (Monotaxis grandoculis) at 30ft depth, Hoover’s Tower