Fish Tales – Swimming Bear

Black Bear Swimming
A black bear swimming Clover Pass near Ketchikan, Alaska
Uh… Dan… That log in the water has ears.

I had the binoculars and just happened to glance at the object in the water, just as Dan had changed course to avoid it. Logs are a regular navigation hazard in these waters, everyone keeps a sharp lookout ahead.

It can’t be… it is… it’s a bear.

But this channel has got to be a mile wide!

It was, we used the GPS and navigation computer to check, 1.1 miles across, assuming a straight course. We watched that bear swim the last 50 yards and climb out of the water. That was one exhausted black bear.

Postcard from the Reef – Red Swimming Crab

Why are so many things I shoot determined to hide in a crevice. I may be big and noisy, but I just want to take your picture, not eat you. Maybe if I hold the camera upside down, twist the strobe to the side, maybe I can get a decent photo…

Red Swimming Crab
Red Swimming Crab (Gonioinfradens paucidentata) in a crevice at 40′ depth, Kaloko