Inside Passage – Echoes of the Past

SE Alaska and the coast of British Columbia are a place where the past does not get wiped away. Ruins, wrecks, and abandoned places are often left for nature to reclaim rather than scrapped or redeveloped. When traveling the waterways of the Inside Passage you are often wandering through echoes of the past.

Inside Passage – Echoes of the Past from Andrew Cooper on Vimeo

Scene guide:

00:05 The Tlingit village of New Tongas, AK
00:08 Ketchikan, AK
00:10 Unknown fishing boat crew with catch
00:19 Juneau past and as seen in 2009
00:24 The motor vessel Crane (built 1928) past and in 2014
00:35 The Nordic Quest at Tenakee in 2011
00:39 A forest stream at Taku Harbor
00:43 The Taku cannery
01:03 A winch in the woods at Funter Bay, at the wrecks of several scows (see below)
01:06 Wreck of the tugboat Morzhovoi, an 84 foot diesel vessel owned by the Thlinket cannery, Funter Bay as seen in 2011
01:10 The tugboat Anna Barron of the Thlinket cannery with scows in 1907
01:14 The same scows seen in previous photo abandoned in the woods at Funter bay in 2011
01:18 Female grizzly bear and cubs at Pack Creek
01:31 Ivory Island lighthouse
01:34 The fishing boat Roedda breaks dock at Petersberg, AK
01:38 The steamer Cardena calls at Butedale, BC in the 1930’s
01:41 Butedale today
02:24 Ocean Falls, BC circa 1949
02:34 The Martin Inn, Ocean Falls circa 1949
02:38 The Martin Inn in 2014
03:09 The wreck of the tugboat Eldoma in Barnard Harbor, BC in 2014
03:13 The Eldoma as built for the Hodder Towing Company in 1924
03:27 The BC Ferry Nimpkish
03:32 Dall’s porpoise
03:40 Launch on the beach at Mamalilikulla (also Memkumlis), Village Island, BC
03:44 the village of Gwayasdums circa 1900
03:51 Ruins at Mamalilikulla in 2012
03:55 Ruins of a lodge at Mamalilikulla (also Memkumlis), photo by Edward S. Curtis in 1910
03:59 The same lodge ruins as seen from the second story of a ruined house at 03:51 in 2012
04:03 A carved wolf house post decaying in the woods at Mamalilikulla

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