Black Friday Deal

Got a deal this Black Friday… A free pig. Deb heard the crashing in the wee hours as the pig expressed his displeasure at being trapped. No screaming this time, but lots of jumping about in the camera view.

A feral pig trapped in the garden.
A feral pig trapped next to the compost pile.

The pig war continues.

This makes four, with possibly up to four more to go in our neighborhood drove. The pig damage has definitely abated since the numbers have been reduced. particularly after I got mama a couple weeks ago.

The bait this time was a couple spoiled bananas that must have smelled good, the pig went right into the trap with no hesitation. You can see him push under the trip wire to close the trap.

This pig was removed from the neighborhood, never to eat my tomatoes again.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

4 thoughts on “Black Friday Deal”

  1. Is there no way to get this pig slaughtered and turned into bacon?
    All organic, free range, should be worthy of a serious premium.

    1. Just means they have to be cooked thoroughly, definitively no pig sushi.
      Bacon is fine, boiled ham is fine, chops are iffy, because it’s hard to get them sufficiently hot by the bone without just destroying the rest of the chop.

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