Another Night, Another Pig…

Two in a row!

After going almost two weeks without catching anything I get two pigs in two nights. As usual the pigs came in to check on my compost pile. The sliced up apple proved too much a temptation and into the trap he went.

I have been been using apples from the sales rack our local village market. There is a shelf at the back where spoiled produce is placed at cut rate prices. A bag of bruised apples for a dollar makes good pig bait.

As you can see there is another pig outside the trap in the video below. Actually I think there are three more remaining in the neighborhood after this one. One big white spotted and two more smaller black pigs. The trap will be reset and ready tonight!

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

3 thoughts on “Another Night, Another Pig…”

  1. Is a pig eradication program possible for Hawaii?
    They are not native and play havoc with the indigenous vegetation.
    Who supports allowing feral pigs to remain on the island?

    1. They are prized as a traditional animal to hunt, part of local culture, thus eradication attempt would be met with fierce opposition from hunters and native Hawaiians. Even removing them from ecologically sensitive areas can be difficult, but has been done.

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