Yeah, I can make that.

Looking at the catalog I look at a price that is just too high. A few bits of molded plastic for almost a hundred dollars? You are kidding? Right?

A Fan Grill for $93??
A Fan Grill for $93??

Well? I need this. Actually I need a few of them.

This is when my frugal nature hits hard… I can make that.

If it was just one I would probably just swallow and pay that absurd price, but I need these in quantity, and on a recurring basis. If I invest an evening in designing a version for myself I can save that design and just print another any time I need one.

A 3D rendering of a cabinet fan mount, grill, and filter holder
A 3D rendering of a cabinet fan mount, grill, and filter holder

So I did.

And it came out quite nicely. There are now four of them in service keeping a couple drive cabinets cool with fans humming away. I have even revised the design to version 2 with improvement ideas from the first batch. The 3D files can be downloaded for free from the 3D Cults archive.

I have done this for any number of bits and bobs now… I have designs on the hard drive that I routinely re-print any time I need one. Plus I enjoy 3D design, it is fun and challenging. It is also possible that I have gotten good at it.

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