A New Family Member

Meet Electra, the newest addition to the Cooper household. Today we came back from the Kona Humane Society with a kitten. As per household tradition the name is that of a star, 17 Tauri, one of the brightest in the Pleiades star cluster.

A new kitten in the house, introducing Electra
You may notice the photo is slightly blurred, much like an electron this kitten never stops moving. Getting a decent photo is proving challenging. I am going to have to break out a faster camera than my little G11. Perhaps a DSLR in high speed burst mode can do the job, then again, maybe not.

It has been three months since we buried Adhara, three months with an empty, cat-less house. There has been something missing around this place. No fur-face looking to curl up with you when you get comfortable. No begging eyes at your feet when breaking up a roast chicken.

Meanwhile this little flash of fur has been streaking all over the house. Finding the interesting places. In and out and under everything. There are things we humans need to put away, out of little paws reach. There are other places where kittens should not go, a couple of those have been found already. But then, some things are learned only through impact.

High speed, wood floor, and screen door… Thud.

Yeah, saw that one coming.

Eventually she might slow down. Maybe? Perhaps? Before midnight?

After years of living with two elderly and mostly sedentary cats, a kitten is a real change. It will take time for us to come to know one another, eventually we will learn the routine. No regrets, I am truly looking forward to having a cat around again.

Did I say cat? Make that cats, there will be two. A second little fellow has been selected, but he is not yet ready to come home, a little surgery awaits before we can go collect him and complete the family. I will have to introduce him in a later post.

Author: Andrew

An electrical engineer, amateur astronomer, and diver, living and working on the island of Hawaiʻi.

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