Astronomy Haiku

You remember haiku? Three lines, the first line with five syllables, a second line with seven syllables, and a last line with five syllables. It may be poetry, but this is easy poetry to write, a short verse with an elegant cadence.

For an AstroDay activity, Keck held an astronomy haiku project. We have a stack of entries we are just now getting a chance to read. Winners are not yet decided, but I have found a few that are wonderful, and worth giving some recognition to.

I should be clear, these are my favorites! Not necessarily the contest winners.

Orion Nebula
NGC1976 or M42, the Great Orion Nebula

Telescopes are great
They make you see very far
I love telescopes
    -Madison Kobayashi (age 9)

Stars shining brightly
I look to them for comfort
In them I find you
    -Lacey Siweila

Lacey is over 18 and not eligible for a prize in the contest. She knew this and enters a poem anyway. You have to love that!

The Moon is so bright
The stars help light up the night
Let’s lay out tonight
    – Micah Timbresa (age 7)

All poems reproduced with permission.