Top Posts of 2019

The top posts of 2019 are a little different than I have seen in the past. Usually it is a mix of a few big hit posts that were linked on other sites and a lot of older posts that have long lives.

TMT Rendering
An overhead view of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope, credit TMT Observatory Corporation

This year DarkerView’s traffic was dominated by the controversy on Mauna Kea. Publishing a series of posts on specific issues resulted in a lot of shares, mostly on FaceBook that drove traffic.

TMT supporters would routinely link DarkerView to provide more information in the raging online arguments that drove so much of the controversy. I can only hope that the posts had some effect in countering the dizzying amount of misinformation that featured in these arguments.

1A Compendium of Anti-TMT Myths5,047
2Keep it Running3,318
3Where can you fly a drone in Hawaii?3,254
4A Backyard Telescope Pier1,763
5The Mavic Air Panorama Modes1,410
6Remove the abandoned telescopes?1,328
7Will TMT use nuclear power?1,204
8Jan 20th Total Lunar Eclipse1,017
9Are there TMT jobs for locals?1,003
11The observatories pay no rent?695
12Restoring the Cave Astrola680
13The motivation for TMT is greed and profit?667
14Old School Drive Corrector657
15Will TMT be the biggest building on the island?652

Of course the Backyard Telescope Pier article continues to be the most popular long term post. This post has been on every DarkerView top post list since I started the blog. A number of other similar reference posts can be found in the top post lists.

Overall DarkerView had 74,125 page views from 39,679 unique visitors, a large increase from the 46,707 views of 2018, almost double.

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