Telescope Making

Amateur telescope making is an old and noble art, reaching back to Galileo, Newton and Herschel. It is a skill that combines mechanical skill, optical design, woodworking and metalworking to achieve a good result. Despite this anyone who is moderately mechanically inclined can successfully build a telescope. The optics can be purchased or ground yourself, but mirror making raises the level of difficulty somewhat. All the necessary tools can be found in most garage workshops which is where many great telescopes are built.

Mauna Kea Observing
My 18″ telescope Deep violet set up under the stars at the MKVIS.
I have now built six telescopes, from 90mm to 18″, and aided in the construction or modification of several more. I guess that means I am an ATM.



Sun Finder
A Sun finder mounted to a TeleVue 76mm ‘scope

Bits and Pieces



Observing Clock
A hand made GPS clock for the observing table

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